Information and advice

We work with several types of chainmail, which vary in the size of their rings and the cross-section and composition of the wire they are made from. In stainless steel, bronze or titanium, each chainmail has its own specific features and constraints, which we try to make the most of. Therefore, not all models are available in all finishes.


It is made up of small interlaced and welded rings.
Metals used are stainless steel, titanium or bronze.
The diameter of the rings defines texture and behaviour: fine mesh (ø 4 mm), medium mesh (ø 5 mm), large mesh (ø 7.3 mm) or XL mesh (ø 12 mm).

Each ring has its own tolerance (+-3%), which can lead to variations in dimensions for a given model. Our measurements are indicative only.

Chainmail is very strong. Do not wear it if you might accidentally hook it to something (during sports or while using a machine). Do not let children play with them.

Materials and finishes

The nomenclature we have developed is detailed here: reference - colour - material. Additional information.

AR - silver - polished stainless steel. Matifies slightly over time.
LIGHT - dark blond with possible greying - polished and heated stainless steel.
NU - shades of brown to blond - polished and heated stainless steel*. Each piece is unique, limited series.
CU - light brown to coppery brown, sometimes almost black - polished and heated stainless steel.
BR - slightly pinkish brown - sandblasted raw bronze. Finish: matt jeweller's varnish*.
DO - golden - bronze gilded with fine gold*.
BLUE - variations from bright blue to blue-grey or violet - titanium.

Clasps and primers are in bronze or brass. They are gilded, silvered, coppered or varnished depending on the piece.

Each series is unique, each piece is specific. Variations in colour from one production run to the next and irregularities even within the same piece are inherent in the artisanal production process.

*These jewellery finishes can be affected by exposure to cosmetic or corrosive products, or when in contact with certain skins.


Utilisez les pochons et boîtes fournies pour ranger vos bijoux séparément.

Evitez le contact répété avec l'eau et tout contact avec des parfums, produits de beauté ou produits corrosifs.
Nettoyage conseillé : eau savonneuse et séchage doux.
Les finitions DO et BR peuvent se dégrader au contact de certaines peaux, des produits mentionnés ci-dessus ou simplement avec le temps. 

Nous proposons un service de rénovation et réparation sur devis.
Contactez-nous !

L’inox et le titane sont des métaux parfaitement anallergiques utilisés en chirurgie, nous ne connaissons pas de cas d’allergies. .
Les dorures et argentures dont réalisées avec de l’or et de l’argent véritables, évitez ces finitions si vous êtes allergiques à ces métaux.
Nos traitements bijoutiers sont conformes aux normes les plus exigeantes, tous nos bijoux sont certifiés sans nickel.