Mailles mèlées



Michel Bras - La Halle aux Grains

For the opening of his restaurant at the Bourse de Commerce in Paris, Michel Bras asked Pascale Lion to create several items:
Les Nuages, table centrepieces in stainless steel silk, echoing the skies of Paris,
Buttonholes in stainless steel silk or chain mail that set apart the managers’ outfits,
Bread baskets in stainless steel silk, the "objet-matière" par excellence.
The hostesses wear the emblematic Les Basiques jewellery: the 94 necklace and the chainmail cuff.

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Olivier Thomas

Research into light, moiré and movement with Olivier Thomas has given rise to several lighting creations: the OP lamp, the LA lamp and the SI lamp, all of which can be found here.

Olivier Thomas also works with Anna Golicz (Anathomie) to create wire sculptures "animated by emotions". Poetic, interactive drawings in space.

Par ailleurs Olivier Thomas créé avec Anna Golicz (Anathomie) des sculptures en fils "animés d'émotions". Des dessins poétiques et interactifs dans l'espace.

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Agnes b.

In the collection's early days, fashion designer Agnès b. asked Pascale Lion to create special necklaces, bracelets and earrings to accessorise her collections.
You can find some of these designs in our B collection.

Verre et mailles


How can two materials that seem so opposed come together? This question gave rise to Verre et Mailles, a series of precious and strange objects that play on transparency and fluidity to appeal to the eye as much as the hand.
The series was created with designer Claire Le Sage for Verart, a brand of the Dumas glassworks.
Find out more about Verre et mailles here.
Based in the Loire Valley for over 60 years, the Dumas glassworks specialise in the manufacture of scientific glass instruments for research and food industries.

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